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My name is Mony Chhim and I help businesses with more than 10 employees increase their revenue with intelligent digital marketing campaigns and automated sales funnels.

As a lead generation practitioner, I fueled the growth of more than 35 clients, from local businesses to national brands.

I use a cross-channel approach with a heavy emphasis on persuasive messaging, state-of-the-art automation and never-ending optimization.

For each of my clients, I deploy an efficient and effective acquisition machine based on a data-driven 5-step process.

MY 5-step process

1) Strategy 

  • Analysis of your market, offer and target customers
  • Definition of the funnel and traffic strategy

2) Sales funnel 

  • Construction of the funnel pages
  • Automations setup
  • Copywriting

3) Traffic testing

  • Setup and launch of the ad campaigns
  • Analysis of the results 

4) Traffic optimization

  • Optimization of the best performers
  • Scaling

5) Expansion and long-term management

  • Launch on new platforms to scale more and diversify traffic sources
  • Continuous optimization of the funnel and traffic system


  • I charge performance-based fees - I only win if you do!
  • I take the time to gain a deep understanding of your offer and your audience
  • I test and optimize relentlessly to increase ROAS and sales volume
  • I manage your media budget with the utmost respect
  • I am an AdSkills certified Media Buying Master (AdSkills is the #1 authority on cross-channel digital advertising)



Mony obtained results far above our expectations

We have been working with Mony for over a year on B2B lead generation via different ad networks. We have found a trusted partner and have been continuing this partnership ever since. Mony has a strong methodology and a great marketing acumen. He obtained results far above our expectations. We recommend him without any reservation.

LOUIS BACHET //  Marketing Executive at Actiwork

Valuable advice and effective results

Mony helped me a lot to manage and optimize our B2B Google Ads campaigns. Not only did he train me in the use of this tool, but he also provided valuable advice and helped generate effective results. I can only recommend his services and his professionalism!

        SARAH HAFIZ //  Marketing Executive at Xefi

Great ROI at scale

Mony helped us reach our audiences at scale with a great ROI. His work was thorough and he always delivered by listening to our needs. Mony is fantastic to work with and I highly recommend working with him.

ALEXANDRE CORMONT //  Premier love coach in France, Owner at With My Ex Again

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